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Establish your record of achievements and milestones.

ResiComps is "the site of record" for multifamily investment information. If you are seriously engaged in the multifamily investment space, we encourage you to make sure your information is present (and correct) in ResiComps so that it properly reflects the company's or the individuals' achievement and milestones.

Each organization participant in a transactions has a company profile that brings together the various activities of the organization and its roles in transactions (buyer, developer, seller, manager, etc.). The profile could also include corporate logo, web site address, office location, and company description.

Unlike traditional press releases or news, which get published and highlighted for a day or two, records in ResiComps are constantly reviewed by users utilizing powerful search functionality.


A large community of interested, involved and industry-focused professionals.

ResiComps users are active, multifamily-focused industry professionals with various roles in the investment marketplace – from owners to developers, from managers to lenders, from consultants to students.

Your organizational or individual accomplishment or milestone will be seen and appreciated by an interested and relevant audience.

Instead of trumpeting your news across the entire internet, ResiComps gives you an interested audience in a semi-private forum — our site is not indexed by the search engines nor can information be seen by non-registered passer-bys.


Get quality leads for your next assignment.

Brokers can post their For Sale listings on ResiComps to generate quality leads for properties they have on the market.

Special tools available in For Sale listings include the ability to view the traffic to your listing as well as a Request Materials process, in which interested parties can complete a standard confidentiality agreement to request additional information from you.

As highlighted above, your information is not trumpeted across the entire internet but stays in a targeted, curated space.


ResiComps is an open platform.

This is simple. Any registered user can add unlimited public transactions for free (and comps contributions are anonymous). And if your transaction is already in, but somehow incorrect or incomplete, you can contribute additional additional information using the in-app feedback system — the Suggest a Change button — on every transaction.


Send us your press releases.

Alternatively, you can send us your press releases — or links to them — directly via email at "news @ opencomps . com" (no spaces).

We will make sure your information is entered (or corrected) promptly.